Plants thit tell stories:

a Nordic conference organized by the Danis Plant Directorate, The Nordic Gene Bank (NordGen), the Danish Museum of Agriculture,  "Agrologica" andFrøsamlerne (the Danish Seed Savers' Association)  in 2009 with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers

List of abstracts

Plants that tell stories: Introduction to tje conference - Lars Landbo, the Danish PlantDirectorate

Plants that tell stories – the cultural heritage of plant genetic resources. An introduction to the seminar report - Morten Rasmussen (NordGen)  and Mads RandbøllWolf (Nordic Council of Ministers)

Telling the stories of Grandma's perennials Mari Marstein, Norway

On-farm conservation of cereal landraces in Finland: From family heritage to promoting their cultural value among the public Maarit Heinonen, Finland

 ProSpecieRara – seal of approval and label for genetic resources Philipp Holzherr, Switzerland

 The ethnobotany of rye cultivation in Finland andits influence abroad - Hannu Ahokas, Finland

Branding of old varieties: The case of PLANTEARVENthe trademark of the Norwegian Genetic Resources Centre - Åsmund Asdal.Norway

Collecting and sharing information - Jonas Nordling, NordGen

The successful branding of the Bjäre Peninsula Bertil Gunnarsson,Sweden

Angelica in the cultural and nutritional history of Iceland -  Áslaug Helgadóttir and Laufey Steingrímsdóttir, Iceland

Challenges and possibilities - Helle Ravn, Denmark

 Dead seeds can also tell storiesJenny Hagenblad, Sweden